Friday, September 9, 2011


I remember 10 years ago...the day we were forever changed.  
I was forever changed.

My first born daughter was a baby at the time and we were living in our first place, an apartment.  It was a beautiful morning here in the Midwest and as I always do and still do, I got up to watch the Today Show.  I was numb as I saw one of the Twin Towers hit and was shook to my core as I saw the second Tower hit live.  

I remember shaking and crying.  You see I am not just a fellow American that felt the pain of this crisis but I was born in New York.  Brooklyn to be exact,  and grew up in Jersey.  Visited New York almost every weekend to see my grandmother in Brooklyn (Bedford-Stuyvesant).  

(where my grandmother lived)

I began to think what kind of world my little girl would face. 

WE are a Strong Nation. 

We move forward

(image of what will be the One Trade Center)

while not forgetting those who have suffered..

(rendering) Memorial at Ground Zero.

Hug those you love a little tighter and have a great weekend everybody.


  1. First of all, LOVE that picture of you! Sooo pretty! Secondly, I totally remember HEARING of the first plane hitting and thinking it was an accident and then SEEING the second plane hit and knowing it was no accident. So stunned and numb the rest of the day. I was freshly pregs with our first and felt so overwhelmed and scared and stunned to bring a little life into this crazy world. God is sovreign, though, and there is hope and peace in his love and redemption. THAT is what kept me from being overcome with anxiety.

  2. Jules, thank you so much for the compliment. My sister took that picture so all thanks goes to

    You are so right! The only peace you have is to reach for a Hand that is bigger than your own. Even for our day to day not just for the tragic situations.


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