Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Christmas Tree Blunder

Good Afternoon!

Have you felt like your Christmas was like one of those classic movies that everything was going wrong?

Well, that's what was going on here as we were preparing for the Holidays.  
The good thing was my husband came home from an extended business trip after being away for 
2  1/2 mnths.  We waited to get the Christmas tree until he arrived.
We picked out the best one (we thought)..but this tree tricked us.

But then after I get all the lights on the tree and break out in hives doing that...half the lights went out.  Yes, on brand new lights!

 So, we had to take those lights off and find the bulb to fix that.

Then we decided to all sleep in our family room and watch Christmas movies.  It seemed like a great idea until this happened..

At 2am the Christmas Tree fell on my daughter.. there was glass everywhere.  I am telling you I don't think this tree wanted to leave the tree farm.

I am happy to report that we fixed it and my daughter is doing fine.  There should be no long term trauma from this : )
Have you had anything out of the ordinary happen to you?

I will show you all our decorations and how we are spending our time together thus far : )

Wishing you all joy and happiness.  God bless.

1 comment:

  1. BWAH HAH HAH!! You need your own movie. :) Good times, yes? Memories!


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