Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fireplace Upgrade

Good Afternoon!

Have you ever tried to finish some last minute renovations before the Holidays? 
Well, that's what happened to me.  I couldn't live with this fireplace for another 4yrs.

 The fireplace surround and hearth was a green marble.  We tore that out when we first moved in.  It would be perfect now that Pantone named Emerald the color of 2013.  Oh, well!

Some people..I won't name names actually came to the house saying how much they loved the gray around the fireplace and what stone that was. Too funny! (yes, they were serious)

We enlisted our friend to help with this renovation.

The floor underneath was extremely uneven.  I wanted a concrete hearth.  I personally don't like tile pieces for the hearth but I love one solid piece be whatever it is made of.

 First step done..

 Coming back for final coat..

We used left over tile from when we put in our woodstove in our family room.

Then bad news..hearth was really weird!

Way too much troweling which caused it all to become, here we go again.

 Tear parts of it out.

and now an even floor.

Here it is stained.

 I am so happy with it.

Now ready for Christmas decor : )

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