Monday, July 25, 2011

99% .. Almost

It's Monday..another busy week.  How is everyone?  Hope you all are doing well.

As I mentioned last week I am at the beginning of the end for the teachers lounge transformation.  I was there last Friday from 4:30 - 9:30pm.  We are just around the corner to the finish line.  I did my best to cause as big a change as possible with the budget I had.  There are some things that could not be done for various reasons.  I wanted to share with you what did get finished this past Friday.

Starting to hang the chandeliers..

 Do you like the fireplace wall with the long linear shelves?  I think it brings a coziness into the room.

These two are some of the greatest people I know.  She keeps everyone organized and on task..amazing! Her husband was one of the site leaders.  He is very calm and wonderful under pressure.

My girls helping assemble the Ikea chandeliers .
Got that mirror from the Thrifty Boutique.

In the process of hanging art.  That required some patience.. lol.

Hanging up the bar in the kitchenette.  He was such a great help : )

The chandeliers look great..brings interest in the space.  

Almost done..still have to stage the bookshelves, tables, etc..

Finally the bar is up w/ hanging baskets and pots (from Ikea).  Will post more with it completely staged in August before the school year starts.

What do you think of the progress so far?  Do you think the teachers will enjoy it as their break room?


  1. love it so far.. can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  2. I really appreciate it, Christine! I can't wait til it's done as well.

  3. Hey girl - thank you for popping over to my blog last week. What a fun surprise to see your sweet comment! :) Of course, I had to come on over to see what you are all about, and OH. MY. WORD. This project? IS AHHH-MAZING! I've worked in schools before, and oh my did we never have a teacher's lounge like this. Awesome job - I can tell you for sure that the teachers will really appreciate it! The problem will be getting them to go back to their classrooms! Bravo!

  4.! All I can say is thank you. I just want to use whatever talent I have to make others happy. I was hoping that the lounge would be a little escape in their day. Thank you for stopping by my blog as well. I really loved yours.


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