Friday, July 22, 2011

Another Small Transformation

I am so happy that we finally have rain and a break from this unbearable heat.  It was a welcome sound when I woke up this morning to the pitter patter of raindrops.

I am also happy because I get to go into Walker Elementary and begin the staging process of the teachers lounge.

The cabinets for the kitchenette are done but we are still waiting for the counter tops.  

I wanted to show you another set of chairs that we refurbished.
The before...

The chair had a hard, dark finish.  You could hardly see the wood grain.  The fabric on the chair, well, can I just say UGLY!

Then we began to work on them..
Days and days of work.  Stripping the think you get the picture.

After all that, here is what they look like today

Didn't they come out beautiful?  I love them.
I think the teachers at Walker Elementary will love them as well.

When I began talking about the teacher's lounge I had a whole lot of inspiration from different sources.  One of those sites came from Design Sponge.

Look at these chairs I found on her site and was inspired to take on the challenge of the ones I showed above.

(image source) Design Sponge

The After..

image source Design Sponge


I will post more here next week and will show you what was accomplished today.

Have a great weekend : )


  1. Wow!! Those look WONDERFUL! I'd love to have a set for my living room :-)

  2. Your vision and commitment to that vision is Amazing! You are such a blessing Kelly...XO
    ***The chairs ARE gorgeous. Please make sure we get a before and process photo to show the teachers. Perfect example of: Transformation


  3. Ditto Tana's comments. What a talent and gift you have. Thank you for sharing it w/ SO many!!

  4. I love how they came out. Genius!

    Lisa x

  5. Really pretty! The teachers are lucky to have you. What a nice surprise for them when they come back to school.

  6. Thank you all for your sweet comments! It feels wonderful to give back to those who give so much. God bless ; )

  7. Following back, i don't want to miss anymore of your transformations.

    Lisa x

  8. Beautiful work! Wonderful new seat cover. Really excellent!

  9. Oh my heavenly days! Those chairs are a DREAM! Love them!!!! The lines of them...oh, I'm swooning! Such a nice refab!

  10. Thank you guys again! Can you believe I picked up those chairs for $15?


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