Friday, July 8, 2011

Can It Be? : Hallway Finished

Happy Friday!  
Yesterday I was connecting with some great designers on Twitter via #DesignTv .  There are so many great creative minds willing to share secrets to help you with your spaces.  Would love to connect with all of you on there as well.

I haven't updated on our hallway for quite some time and if you remember it looked like this..

Remember the stained carpet?  We had painted the hallway a color from Behr called Head for the Hills.

Was not happy about the carpet so my husband

took up the carpet and we began the process of putting down hickory flooring that we had in our family room.

I love this floor!  My husband did a great job.

The hallway leading toward the bedrooms is a great place to hang photos of the family.  I put pictures of us by the bedrooms we occupy.

Btw..don't mind the smurf blue bathroom at the end of the hallway, we will tackle that at some point.

Have a great weekend all : )

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