Friday, March 2, 2012

Giving And Art .. Tremendous

Have you ever felt that when you met somebody you knew there was something really special about them?
Well, that's what happened to me when I walked into here..
On this particular day they were having a Chocolate Walk promoting the businesses in this quaint town. 
I immediately felt at home.  The owner welcomed us with open arms.
We started talking and I began to find out "The Why" of this store.
This is a place where local artists can have a voice and sell their art.  Not only that..listen to their mission statement:

Square Peg Round Hole Mission Statement

We will be of service to the Recovery Community and to the Community-at-Large offering Recovery Literature, Gifts, Merchandise and a place for quiet conversation and discussion.

We will provide a place where talented artists' work can be seen and purchased.

We will provide a place for quality consignment artwork and where merchandise can be displayed and purchased.

We will conduct ourselves and our business in the spirit of love and service to all.

Cindy Ridolfino is four years in recovery from prescription drug addiction.

They always have someone there to speak with if you are struggling in these areas.  
It's a place of encouragement.

There she is through the window.

A photographer from the local paper came in and she said for me to be in the shot..

I felt so honored.  She is a true star.

Please check out her sites here:


  1. Kelly....Thank you so much for such a wonderful Write up. I am truly humbled. Since we opened our doors in July we have received one blessing after another...and meeting you is one of those blessings I speak of. The people we have met, talked to helped and encouraged is the reason we are here. Thank you so much for sending it our into the we can continue to do what it is we are meant to do! Love and Happiness....Cindy

  2. That's so cool! And its all for a good cause - love it!
    PS. Thanks again for the Homie nod!

  3. It is so great to see the work of others, hear their story and be inspired. Thx for sharing !
    And..p.s. thanks for putting Dreamy Whites in your blog roll, I really enjoy her blog now as well. Cheers !!!
    Lynne xx


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