Monday, March 12, 2012

Green With Envy

Good afternoon!
How is everyone doing with the time change?
I personally believe I have jet

March is not only the month where we do the time change, St. Patrick's Day but where the weather seems to change from winter to spring.  Let's celebrate it by looking at rooms that are green : )

(image source here )
I love this backsplash.  It echoes the tree outside and makes it cohesive.

(interior design by Tobi Fairly)
Green and gold = gorgeous

 (image source here)

What do you think of the color green?  Would you incorporate it into your space?


  1. I find it most soothing. Love the shot of the kitchen - the green tiles and the greenery outside makes it seem like such a nice place to just chill out in with a cup of coffee.

    Anastasia at Decor is like butter

  2. Love green and I have like NONE in my home. Need to get one that...Nice post!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I Love the green as well. Anastasia..I so agree. It seems like a peaceful place before the start of a busy day.
      Jessica, I am so with you on that. I am trying to add more green into my home as well..even if it's just by adding plants : )


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