Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kitchen Color And Homage

 Good Morning : )
I am so happy today because it is going to be 57 degrees and it is the touch of spring that I need.  Hearing the birds sing makes me happy.

Another thing that brings a smile to my face is my kitchen is finally painted.  Yippee!!  If you want to see the before go here and here.

We totally have so much more to do but I must say paint makes a huge difference.

The color toned down the green countertops and is helping me live with them until I can replace it.

The gold knobs gone.

This is where I blog from : )

And a little homage to home..

When I went to see my Dad this past month I wanted something to bring back with me original from New York (needed a taste of home).
My brother-in-law gave me this piece that was his grandfather's.  He had a bakery in NY and this was from his 1910 calendar that he had made.  How awesome is that : )

Hangs in the breakfast nook.  
I have so much more to do in this space but I think I will sit back and enjoy this paint color for a bit.

Here are the colors I used

(for the ceiling)

(for the walls)

Hope your day is awesome : )


  1. Such a soothing color for the walls - great choice! And the calendar page? I'm SWOONING!!! Love art - especially vintage - with personal meaning!

  2. Thanks..I love it! That piece of art makes me happy every time I look at it.


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