Friday, May 11, 2012

I Am Just A Little Excited

Good Morning!
It's a beautiful, sunny, warm Friday here and I plan to be outside to enjoy the day: )

I must tell you I am a bit excited.  

Several  months ago I went out with a friend and took her to some of my favorite places that I go to get treasures for the home.  Now, I had been wanting...ok..FANTASIZING about owning a stereo console.  It brings back so many good memories for me of my childhood.
This particular day the store Sharestuff had one in and she went and bought it.  Uugghh..I could have cried.  I did show my happiness for her though.

I kept looking.  Still no where to be found.

I went to one of my other favorite stores that is filled with goodies

and this is the place I found this piece

you can read more about it here.

I was thinking I could put this where I would have put the stereo console (if I had one) and create another sitting area in my room.

I love it!  I do have 2 of those chairs but I need to get another white rug to put on it.

Well, low and behold I get a phone call for a stereo console from Sharestuff.

Then I thought if I get it where am I going to put it.  My daughter, who has such a great eye, told me where to put it.  She said trust me it will work.

When I got there I was in awe..loved everything about it and it wasn't gigantic.

Here it is..

My quest is over.  I am happy and love that good design does not have to be expensive.  It's like my mother always said "It's how you wear the clothes"
I believe it's how you put pieces together : )

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend : )

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