Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Recap

Good Monday Morning!

I was so excited about a charity that I was helping out with called Project Ladybug.  It's a wonderful opportunity to give back and help the children who fight against cancer and their families as well.

About a month ago my friend and I went for orientation.
 There I am at the bottom of the picture (with the green jacket.. standing next to the silver car)
Wonderful volunteers who gave of their time to help such a worthy cause.

 I was able to take some pics before it all started but couldn't get any more because well, I was working..

How cute is this?  A ladybug car : )

 This is really a very small portion of the space.

And some of the great ladies I had a chance to work with.

Since my pictures don't do it is a video clip of the night.

Have a wonderful week : )

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