Friday, October 14, 2011

Calm And Soothing Color

Today's guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a fantastic online resource for lighting fixtures, lamps and the latest trends and products in lighting for your home.

We're all busy busy busy with the demands of our lives so it's important to find spaces in our homes that are retreats from the stress of the outside world. Color plays a big part in defining the energy of a room. When creating a retreat or oasis, look for calm and soothing colors to define the space. Here are some of our favorite calm and soothing colors for the home. Enjoy!
Soothing Interiors

Neutrals don't have to be boring. The calm pale dove grey of this room's walls creates a soothing base for the rest of the warm neutral creams and tans. Beautiful.
Soothing Interiors

While crisp white creates a fresh look in a kitchen, an off-white, pale cream or whisper of gray will create a more calm feeling space. Soothing colors relax us rather than invigorate. Love the interesting range hood and multi-arm pendant light in this kitchen design.
Soothing Interiors

It is no coincidence that many calm and soothing colors are inspired by the coast. Soft blues and sandy whites are lovely shades for a calm oasis for a bedroom.
Soothing Colors

Sage greens are soothing colors for bedrooms. Must be the link to the outdoors and nature that make cool greens calming colors.
Soothing Interiors

Taupes and grays are also soothing colors for the bedroom. Mix in a few metallic versions for sparkle and sheen to add interest to the neutral color palette.
Soothing Interiors

Silvery lavender is a beautiful color that is so soothing and calm. Colors with a lot of gray to them tend to be more soothing than colors with white undertones. How beautiful will this room look in the reflection from the ornate light fixture and silvery ceiling?
Soothing Exterior

Think of your happy place when selecting colors to calm and soothe. Coastal blues, forest greens, desert sands... all can be found in calm, soothing colors for your decor.
Soothing Interiors

Love this calm feeling bathroom in a lovely silvery sage green. Think of calm and soothing colors for the bath and bedroom to create a retreat for yourself.

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