Monday, October 3, 2011

Before And After : Mid-Century Seating

Happy Monday!
It's an absolutely beautiful fall day here and we are getting ready for a barbecue with friends this evening.  There is nothing like surrounding yourself with great company : )

If you remember earlier in the summer I was a part of Sharefest.  I bought three chairs to restore.  Two were for the teachers lounge and one was for me.

Here is what the chairs looked like before..

I got them for $15.  They had a heavy stain lacquer that you couldn't tell what kind of wood it was.  We stripped it down.  You can check out what I did with the other chairs here.  

To get those chairs to look like that took a lot of work.. actually weeks with our busy schedules.

We just finished up the last one which will be going into my husband's office.  

Here is how my daughter and I reupholstered the seat.

The original fabric was not in the best condition (old and dirty).

Lots of staples to remove from the lining.

I pried up the staples with sharp end of scissors (I know there is a better way but I used what was on while my daughter pulled them out.

There were a gazillion staples on the actual fabric and we did the same process to get the lining off.

We began to staple the new fabric around the seat making sure the fabric was tight all around and the lines weren't crooked.  I then cut the excess fabric.

So here is the chair..

I love the fabric!  It represents my husband so much.
And to my surprise we found out the chair is walnut...not bad for a $15 buy and $8 worth of fabric from Hancock : )

 Stay tuned for some exciting news ...


  1. Just beautiful! The wood is gorgeous and looks great with the new fabric. Love the price too.

  2. Shannon, thank you for your kind comment. You are always so encouraging.

  3. Nice find! I love a good before and after :)



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