Monday, October 24, 2011

Living Room Arrangement And A Wrap up

Good Morning to Everyone : )  
We have been hosting a lot lately and just recently there was a singer/songwriter's group at our house.  I love hearing the lovely sound of voices and instruments through my home.  
Having people over is more of an incentive to create an environment that people love to come to and enjoy.

Which leads me to our living room..
I spoke about it here.  In that post you will see the layout of the furniture before.
I decided to change it because just like the dining room that arrangement wasn't working for us.

The flow into the living room is so much more open compared to how it was before.  

I didn't want to block the view by putting the sofa in front of the window and making the windows seem smaller than they were.  That lamp on the table actually goes into my family room..hahaha.  

Now that flow has been established I will soon be able to add the other layers into the room : )

By the way, I do want to wrap up our basement situation.  If you haven't read about it check it out..

That situation had plagued us for quite some time and I am happy to say it plagues us no more.

This makes me so happy!  That rotten smell and pools of water will no longer be an issue.
Here Corey is filling it back up.  Now we have not cemented it back yet to make sure the pipes were in full working order.  I am happy to say no problems have arose.  Whew : )

  Hoping your week is full of creativity.


  1. Love your living room! And those white chairs- jealous!

  2. Thank you so much, Jessica! The room is far from done. The white chairs are my favorite as well : )


  4. Thank you as well. Hope you're having a wonderful day : )

  5. Hi Kelly!

    Your living room project looks like a lot of fun and it looks cool. Don't worry, it's definitely starting to take shape. Have fun! :)

  6. I'm sort of obsessed with those floors. And by sort of. I mean a lot.

  7. Paula, thank you! I might be asking you for some input ; )
    Christine, I love them as well. They really hide wear and tear especially with 3 kids and a dog


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